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ICA Strategy

Client Partnership
ICA seeks out Clients that will value the thoroughness and transparency of our processes.  We work in close communication with our Clients and perform services as their “construction arm”.  We seek to explicitly show as much of our business as possible to our Clients and we do not have any fear of training the Client to replace us.  If this happens we have obviously earned an excellent referral to find additional Clients.  Some of our services can be offered from within the Client’s office.  We look for each Client's degree of establishment of project financial and insurance arrangements for other opportunities for ICA to add value early.

ICA Overall Strategic Plan

ICA deploys a set of systemized processes and technologies to provide full-spectrum construction services for small to mid size residential and commercial projects, and expects to grow into larger project size and additional markets and at a controlled rate as our capacity and opportunities enable.

The company was founded on the notion that the management of construction can be honed to a science while still respecting creativity and drawing upon experience.

We see ourselves as a professional services firm and our business approach is quite different than a traditional asset-intensive "bricks and mortar" General Contractor.

We partner with Trades and Consultants that together form project teams that can add the highest value for our target Clients.

Project Identification

What makes a project a good candidate for ICA to add value by our involvement?

  • Incomplete drawings - requirement for scope of work and specification input.
  • Complexity of the project – all participants understand that thorough processes will be needed to avoid development of major exceptions, and an unsophisticated Contractor "working out of a truck" would not be successful.
  • Time is available for Pre-construction planning and Value Engineering prior to construction.
  • Owner and Consultant team receptive to ICA's input.
  • Size of project is appropriate to our available capacity.
  • Type of project is compatible with ICA's experience and knowledge base.
  • Location of project enables adequate direct oversight by ICA.
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