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ICA Services

General Contracting

We offer General Contracting for clients who wish to offload much of the construction risk and not have to authorize every significant decision. The work is done on a lump sum basis, except for typically several Cash Allowances for certain portions of the work that cannot be finalized at the time the majority of the drawings can be substantially finalized.

ICA employs robust reporting of accurate project status to our Clients even when operating as the General Contractor.

Professional Services


Through our network of Building Code and Inspection professionals as well as in-house resources, we are able to offer the following services to the market:

  • Certified Professional
  • Fire Code Inspections
  • Structural Inspections
  • LEED Professional
  • Building Envelope Inspections
  • Estimating and Budgeting Services
  • Development Proforma/ Scenario Analysis
  • Building Systems Commissioning Service

Construction Management

ICA Projects offers Construction Management services for clients seeking somewhat more economical management fees while preferring to take on most of the construction risk and authorizing every decision and transaction.

A key advantage of this approach is the ability to start the physical work well before the final drawings have been completed to the stage that would be needed for price finalization for General Contracting.

Insurance Brokerage

Although not able to bind coverage in-house, we have a network of insurance providers and we are able to source competitive pricing for typical construction insurance requirements including Wrap-up / Course of Construction Insurance Policies, and Builders' Risk Policites as well as more generic requirements of General Liability Policies.

These services are offered exclusively to our construction clients.

Project Management


For clients who have their own construction forces, yet want to benefit from the implementation of ICA’s management processes, we offer outsourcing of our Project Management efforts in a consulting type relationship. This is our most economical service, as our Client or its Contractor directly prepares and administers the Trade Work Packages.

In the capacity of Project Manager, we are the Owner's independent agent to advise on and assist with diligent management of the Contractor and provide consulting toward management of all cost, schedule, and quality issues of the project.  We also provide periodic Project Audits and “health monitoring” using our structured Audit and Reporting formats.

Facilities Management

We offer management of maintenance and upkeep of property and facilities in our market area.  These services are offered openly, but can be contracted to General Contracting clients at a slight discount while creating a Build-Operate-Maintain long-term responsibility from ICA for the project.  This promotes better project life cycle planning consideration within the pre-construction and construction stage decisions.

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