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ICA Career

ICA honours and rewards individuals with a passion for excellence in the delivery of our construction services.  We are committed to learning and sharing knowledge for continuous improvement.  Although highly systemized, ICA rewards innovation and employee contribution to our knowledge base.  Each of our personnel are able to contribute to the advancement of the science and art of our work based on their experience at ICA as well as prior experience.  We hire both for attitude and for competency and we have mandatory training for all positions based on our knowledge base and delivered by our subject matter experts.  This ensures that each ICA employee is fully qualified for deployment to the Clients site and will deliver and enhance our value proposition.  Each of our management employees has a technical background, and each of our senior managers have either experience operating businesses, or formal business training. 

We aspire to have only top-tier professionals on our team, and our prequalification and interviewing process is accordingly stringent.  We start by short listing resumes of individuals with a strong track record of commitment and delivery of results in progressively increasing levels of responsibility.   In our first round interviews, we perform a construction knowledge assessment and behavioural interview of each individual, to ensure competent and committed individuals.  In our second round interviews we employ two interviewers to jointly evaluate the prospective employee's ability to interrelate to people and work successfully within a team environment.  Successful candidates are subject to a 3-month probationary period, and annual performance reviews after the first 6 months.

ICA is currently a closely held company, however the company structure has been set up so as to be able to offer equity participation to employees in most positions.  We offer competitive benefits including medical / dental / educational subsidies.  Our corporate growth ensures availability of continuous opportunity for professional growth and advancement of our staff.

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