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Why ICA ?

ICA stands for Integrated Construction Approach.  We are a professional services firm offering knowledge-based construction services in the multi-unit residential and commercial construction sectors.  For optimal benefit to the project, our involvement will typically start at the outset of the project life cycle and extend throughout the concept estimating, construction, delivery, and warranty phases.  ICA recognizes the interdepency of decisions made at progressive stages of the project life cycle and we provide a structured approach of systems and tools to promote consistently good decisions toward the desired project outcomes.  Our construction professionals provide detailed management of all aspects of the physical work using industry-leading project planning and control systems, and put in the sheer effort it often takes to ensure reliable project delivery.


We seek to operate in a full partnering relationship with each Client and we offer our Clients the opportunity to participate directly in all major construction decisions.  We offer flexible options for reporting of project status and issues on an ongoing basis to provide a transparent, Client-driven project delivery process.

​Featured properties:

Project first, Client second, ICA third

By honouring this as the natural hierarchy of service, we ensure that the project deliverables are achieved to a high standard.  This provides the most economic value to the Client and this in turn enables ICA to build and preserve its reputation and track record.​

3 Rs Relationship:

Recognition, Respect, and Responsibility:

ICA strives to Recognize the humanity and contribution of every project participant, promote Respect among all participants, and take Responsibility for the quality of the relationship we have with each participant.

Value Proposition

ICA enables it Clients to outsource the construction of their projects in a manner that is reliable and informative.  This provides our Clients with economic value and confidence throughout the construction process.

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